What’s Inside Ultimate Blues Jams…

  • Jam tracks produced by real live musicians with more than 85 years of collective professional experience.
  • Jam tracks inspired by the most popular blues jam songs ever created.
  • Jam tracks complete with solo cues from the rhythm section and real dynamics with big and small sections… giving you the ultimate solo experience.
  • Jam tracks with all sorts of times and feels, each built to a metronome so the time is always locked in.
  • Jam tracks with a variety of blues styles represented including: shuffles, straight ahead blues rock, funk blues and slow blues.
  • Jam tracks recorded in all the major blues keys including E, A, D, G, C, F and even Eb, Bb, and Ab for the truly adventurous jammers.
  • Jam tracks written with major, minor and even some altered chord progressions to “break the mold” by offering some more advanced progressions to help expand your solos.

Meet Your Rhythm Section…

Griff Hamlin teaches blues guitar. He’s done it for the last 25 years. Students around the world realize their guitar-playing dreams with his fun and informative teaching method. As much as Griff enjoys playing the guitar for his family, his friends, and his fans, he truly has a gift for helping others realize their potential.

Chris Atchley has played the drums in 48 states and 6 foreign countries. He is responsible for the groove in the Griff Hamlin Band. Chris is also a drum teacher, sharing Griff’s talent for helping others.

Mark Smith performs with a variety of bands all over Southern California. He provides the rock solid time and creative bass lines you hear on every track.

Quinton “Q” Hufferd is on the piano, organ and electric pianos. He plays multiple styles including jazz, soul, big band swing, jump blues, blues, funk, and rock in a variety of music projects. Q interacts musically with soloists on each track by providing tasteful licks and rhythmic comping.

Jam With Your New Band Now!

Dallas Rain (Slow Blues In G) [audio:http://ultimatebluesjams.com/audio/dallas-rain.mp3]
Midnight Flight (Straight Blues Groove In F) [audio:http://ultimatebluesjams.com/audio/midnight-flight.mp3]
Skinny Legged Woman (Funky Blues In Bb) [audio:http://ultimatebluesjams.com/audio/skinny-legged-woman.mp3]
Sweet Little Thang (Texas Blues In E) [audio:http://ultimatebluesjams.com/audio/sweet-little-thang.mp3]
Wake Up Mama (Uptempo Shuffle Blues In C With Breaks) [audio:http://ultimatebluesjams.com/audio/wake-up-mama.mp3]
“These tracks are JUST amazing, I don’t know how I lived without them so long.”
Fred Derf

Turn up your speakers and hit play on the video below to hear Griff playing over “Dallas Rain”…

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